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Wednesday, September 8, 2010 / 1:23 AM

fuck la
i hit untill fb shortcut now hab to repost.
anyway, actually wanted to blog for a long time. just got lazy.

today went to yh house to go land stuff.
the vbs thing
was okay.
the msg says no jokes during the meeting.
well thats a joke.
end up we only manage to finalise weapon usage.
post not yet
anyway its just the sar users.

i was almost late
and on my way to the bus stop, i met a guy
he asked me for $2.
i simply dunno how to reject, so i give in.
lols, second time sia.

by the time i reach sch, it is.... 1.20pm
i havent had lunch, so i went to buy a cup noodle.
brought back to sch, and while it cooks, i went to change.
then chiong noodles then go gather.
(lols now i hungry liao)

the trip to ST Electronics was meaningful and interesting.
engineering seems like a fun job, but i still find more interest in architecturing.
they gave us a free thumbdrive
that would make my 5th one.

we had the introductiona and then tell us some things they do like the mrt and so.
then we had a break
canadian pizza and donut factory sia.
zai lo.
they shared their experience with us.
those ppl were nice.
andrew and syahmi were like flooding questions while i stood there being a greedy freak and ate.
they are so in to engineering.
i hab two engineers as my friend now
they ask like need take wad to get a better... erm..... like more chance to get into the industry or smth.
like what u need to take to be an engineer.
then after break we had a shortcase on the things they made.
one of them is the night vision that we saw at army open house.
i think its used by guards? or signal?
i thought its signal, but i dun think we went to signal's tent that time.
dunno leh.
i remember the medic, lols
then they show us some aerospace stimulator.
its about air traffic control, and how our air traffic controllers get trained.
dam cool sia.
can set different weather.
see singapore changi airport snow.
we were saying that we can stimulate volcano or flood or earthquake that sort.
last one was the 3d animation. some of them din look 3d, like the second one.
they had vbs too, and me and dy was like. vbs!!
the gave as a disc with a game called odyssey.
havent tried.
then last part mr lee wan me and dy say 123 thank you ma.
together with the rest.
end up we shy, then mr lee say 123.

end up go back do reflection then go home lo.
meaningful day.
nice experience
i wish that the trip could be longer.
more hands on.
sleepy le.
its 1.40pm, i should get some sleep.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010 / 11:39 PM

so late already, shouldnt blog. but i wanna

i made this yesterday night :)

not really well done, but i think it is nice.
i saw some ppl do such things, so i thought, since i have such pics that i took yesterday, why not make one?
it looks nice, showing andrew tomorrow.
wonder wads is his reaction, lols.

went back to pri sch yesterday.
saw alot of friends.
din really get to see ms chew, awhile only.
she said that she will find us, but it was too late so she ask us go home.
at lest she treat us drinks.
me and yu heng drank tei-c, then they saw we like old men drinking tea at coffeeshop.
"eh u all like old man sia"
me:"ya, and we have been friends for 20 years."
yuheng:"eh, wheres my newspaper ah?"

nice day.
oh ya and this is wad happen when we are finding the rest.

me:"eh that leeyin isiz?"
yh"ya i think so, maybe not?"
me:"ya i think so, eh call her leh"
me:"wa lao never respond"
yh"go up to her la."
*yh push her back*
*girl turn*
us:*shit, fuck it, its not her*
*girl gives shock face*
yh:" sry wrong person"

after that yh was killing me for making him mistaking a wrong person.
to me it really looked like leeyin, cuz the hair, and the shirt, written in chinese, cuz she nan chiau.
he whack me like siao.

anywayz, we all gathered, saw ms chew for 10mins.
then go canteen eat abit.
then go field sit and stone and rot.
play truth or dare, then is like,hug the pillar, kiss the pillar, saw a heart-felt confussion, KISS THE TREE!!!
then kenna chase by guard, then we go drink tea lols.

today was epic la.
i told someone that need study and do things, not free.
yet i went out to watch 2 movies with my brother and cousin.
watch King Of Fighters and Cats and Dogs.
King of Fighters was... okay la.
my cousin and bro thinks it sucks, i find that the plot is weird, cuz the actual story is different, and also the plot was not well planned.
Cats and Dogs rules.
its funny and cute.

gotta end off here. 12pm le. mum chasing.
im falling for cute and small-sized girls.
no particular reason, just like them.
haha, its funny though. first was her, now is her.
and also not just becuz they are cute. they have the right personailty that i like.
falling for u all over again :)

/ 12:47 AM

actually wanted to blog today, but i was doing some editting just now with a pic.
show tomorrow.

(ps: cuz this post is short, so to make it take some space, i put largest font :) )

Thursday, August 26, 2010 / 10:00 PM

wow today wasnt much off a good day either

negc was a major wtf?
i dunno how to express, but i screwed up some things.
we got another lecture, and this time everyone is here.
this is kinda good, we at lest get the clear cut point from them.
we know their expectations now.
and i was like dam weird during gameplay.
first round, SAW, killed 4 in a row.
killed another one in the house.
killed the last frag with a injured leg after being shot.
second round, 1 kill.
third round, nothing.
the rest, nothing.
lols, epic fail sia.
i keeping changing weapons, then still thought that SAW was the best.
we have to do stratagies and tactis before the next trng, which is almost a month later.
might propose to the others to do 1 or 2 back up plans in case the first one fails.
had a discussion after negc about it.
got the main idea for offensive tatic.
not confirmed yet.
tomorrow doing again.
well well, i hab land for the whole week.

mon - arm drills practise
tues - telematch
wed - trng/prof test
thurs - NEGC/VBS2
fri - stratagies planning

life is getting busier as the days pass.
this is the beginning but im getting tired of it.
bear it, i will get through.
hais next week 2 days booked?
1 day actually i think.
unless mon do planning again.
have to introduce topic again.
i think that i will think more throughly before i act.
i did more mistakes today, i have got to think more.
i think that we are doing proposals now, stratagies proposal.
just that we have to just present on the day we go for trng on the bus i think.
hais... i get more chances to show my leadership, but everytime, i never fail to screw up.
its like.... erm.... i will only think dam fast, dam logically, and set things very perfectly when i m really fed up, cuz by that stg i dun care about who is around.
cuz maybe the specs around, i tend to stummer cuz im afraid of screwing up.
then i screw up more....
screw this.
one reason is also becuz im always unprepared and i always blackout at that point of time.

i also need the cooperation of some ppl so that i can get things going.
eh, i doing alot of things to make u seem invovled liao. can u just let me for once?
i have some things that im not really happy about, so can u at lest show some sort that u care anot?
dun just leave everything to use, while u tell us that u have smth.
show u very in during certain times, then after that heck.
own organised part one u dun come, they organise one then u come.
u good, u zai
forget it, i hope that he at lest show some respect to me, and also others, if every there is such the case. certainly i hope that this doesnt happen again.
if u really care, pls show it to us. dun only only show in front of them.
that just makes u a hypocrite dude.
listen then decided, pls dun interupt too.
i would appreciate it A LOT.
give me some face in the future can?
I will throw everything behind, but i hope that at lest u know what we are doing.

I so wan an ipod touch

Wednesday, August 25, 2010 / 11:27 PM

great, so today i have 3 mins to blog.

today some bitch come anyhow talk.
like i got talk to her ah.
come extra when ppl talking then wan fight like dat.
come la, i scared meh. wad police case, eat shit la.
i never am a gentleman, i can take u on even u are a girl.
go get a life ass

proff test was a major screw up.
first few drills major cocked up.
hab 3 mistakes, or rather 3 major mistakes in the whole arm drills test.
orienteering segment was.... i wouldnt say fine.
i set the arrows all wrong, then got some question i hab a few uncertainies.
shall not reveal so much, in case someone who havent taken the test reads about this. but i doubt anyone reads my blogs, its like a private blog.

just finished with my geog revision. sort of la. tomorrow read up again. hope can get my distinction.
now going to do maths.

i exceeded by a min....

Tuesday, August 24, 2010 / 11:11 PM

i only have 5 mins to blog, cuz im not done with my uniform and its 11.11pm (nice number)

todays trng, but i wouldnt say trng, dry run, was very fun.
there is only those who are willing to go, those hesistant ones din turn up.
some got reason, some dun.
anyway its dry run for np. well but i still think there should be reason, cuz we are all suppose to turn up.
after that, we had AAR.
what they said really made alot of sense.
and ever since they took over the unit, i find that we lost that drive in us.
we take ea trng like just another party time.
i think that we should really change our mindset on them.
though we were friendly before, there is a limit now.
maybe they have that friendly face on them, so we are being friendly back or some sort, but we should just treat them like the previous batch, obilivious.
we are advancing to part'cs, but our standard are actually worse than when we are part a.
at lest we saw the need to keep a distance with the specs.
i think that we have to put that wedge better one another already.
no more dili dali.
serious time now.
and im sure we can regain our former fire that got us to be one displined part.
or rather Part'C 10-11 :P
so i should say Part'B 09-10
GO PART'B 09-10/ PART'B 10-11

(PS: i used 7 minutes instead D=)

Friday, August 20, 2010 / 9:58 PM

(disclaimer: this post is long, read at yr own will)

well, im not exactly in my best mood now, so im blogging, to release stress?
well, we had trng, not really, but still trng.
its nothing, today is just arm drills. some changes nia
and i realised that howard became stricter.
in my point of view, its a good thing.
it is good trng for us in the future, and it can push us further.
welcome back old days.

carrying on, is hairuldin's condition.
somehow, today it worsen a whole lot.
he was gasping for air pretty hard, its like he is choking in his airway.
we were like trying to make sure he was able to keep himself breathing and help him to clear his airway.
all of the sudden, he fell unconcious, with no breathing.
called 995
someone did cpr for him, wouldnt say who.
1 breathe of life, and he was awake.
then i ran down for ambulance.
according to andrew, he was still gasping for air and fainted again.
cpr was performed but no response.
CD personals arrived and brought him to the hospital.
I guess he is fine now, sincew he can use fb, and chat, and post pics in the hospital.
it was sort of ssrp for el, then the whole class was somehow chaotic after that incident, still.
we were trying to get their attention and they refused to cooperate.
wtf? then we all shouted.

CIP was kinda fun, everyone seemed fine.
then we keep scrolling up and down alot of floors.
cuz we are bored.
then got one lvl we din know someone was actually handling that lvl.
everyone was just going at random cuz one lvl very fast.
then their team got pissed cuz they said we come disturb their lvl
i mean huh? comeon la, u get 100kg of newspaper also no prize for u ah.
everyone is just cutting each other lo. and i dun see others complaining.
we just move on ma.
this just proves that we are fast ;)
if someone doing cip just keeps to one level or 2. or rather just their lvl, then is like dam meaningless to have 1 1/2 hr of cip. 30min enuf lo.
CIP also take so serious.

then in one of the houses i got this:
‎*ring ring*
*no respond*
*ring ring*
*no respond*
...*dog barking (wtf??)*
*knock knock*
*no respond*
*dogs still woofiing*
*knock knock*
*no respond -_-*
"no its just the dogs :)"
its a small child responding to me.
"its just the dogs" nice answer boy
and then there is one house with a crazy dog
it is like the maid was passing the newspaper through the door holes.
the dogs head was small enuf to hit through the holes too, so we got majorly freaked out by that.
it could have bitten us O_O
im such a wimp.
then she was putting throught the newspaper that time, i was still freaked out, while ch was pulling the newpaper.
i suddenly, oo pull newspaper.
then ch was like so zai la, dare to take, i was still hesistanting.
wimpy me :(
and they say 21 hab one guy kenna chase by dog?

anyway, then i got chased by deming after cip in class?

then reach home, that asshole talk to me.
i replied, i talk to him, he interupt me?
fucking bastard.
then ask him wan other pizza or not, diao me, I DUNNO LA, U JUST ORDER LA.
parents got home, wan bring us out eat instead
dad:"electricity bills $300++"
fat ass: "i every afternoon never on air con liao leh, not like someone, come back sch on air con liao"
i on got crime ah?
so fucking hot out there leh, i come back, on air con cool down u got problem la dog.
u try walk la. my bag somemore like put some rocks inside like dat, fucking heavy, come back sweat like siao ma.
on air con cool awhile cannot ah?
i also never say one for 5 or 4 hrs ah.
mere 1hr++ untill i go shower after using com for awhile only.
u got problem ah.
i diao him
"u say i on aircon after sch, u leh, u everyday at home, use com use tv for whole day so have nothing to with it la?"
I spent more time in sch then at home every single day, i use more electricity then him.
up till now, i havent been able to come home as early as 4 alot.
everyday is almost 6 then reach home leh.
wad i use alot of electricty.
i got ndp, then got so many things on, not even home, use more electricity, u go fuck off better la.
and i think after a hard day after sch, i deserved the priviledge of some air conditioning at the comfort of my own house.
i know havent even on air con cuz its a cold night, now that ass hole already on air, on com.
i din even on fan now.
environmental friendly lo.
i caculated the time i use air con is so much lesser lo.
if i on it at 9pm i use untill 6.15am, only roughly 9 hrs++ right?
he one i say 10pm, he use com untill 4am, sleep untill sometimes as late as 1pm? now count as 11am. its 13hrs leh.
i use in the afternoon is a right time, and i still use lesser than u bastard.
asshole, im not some pushover ho.
u bad mood u come find me is the wrong person.
fat ass, dun deserve anything.

and i realised that is BIG hypocrite in the class
I think she is crushing on him, so she say such things so she can be alone.

i need a haircut